Sony Movie Studio 11 and Movie Studio Platinum 12

With the holidays and the end of the year at hand, there is ample opportunity for family video and hijinx. There is also plenty of time to sit around the computer and capture your greatest game play triumphs. To that end I have been search of video editing software. After sampling a slew of them I found Sony Vegas to be the most usable and precise. It can be a bit tricky, but that’s because it’s actually made for editing. It’s not just for trimming a clip and spitting it back out again.

I mentioned previously that Amazon prices fluctuate wildly and I’ve noticed these two packages have a wild ebb and flow. The previous version Sony Movie Studio 11 is available in the range of $15 – 19. I managed to get a copy for $14.99. It’s the previous version, but the UI and most of the other features and the same as the new version. Depending on the review you read, some even prefer the previous version.

I then discovered the new version Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 has dropped from $65 to $35. This is the latest version and is also 64-bit. Oddly, the boxed version is much cheaper than the downloadable version. That is an impressive deal and I may end up getting both. I have two machines and you Sony ties the version to the computer. However, for $45 it would cover both machines and provide an almost identical editing experience. There are some computer demos I plan to work with for the new year and this is the software I plan to use.

This is pretty stellar deal, so if you’re in the market you might want to keep refreshing the page and wait for your moment to strike.

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