AllMyNotes Organizer Long Term Review

Back in November I grabbed a copy of AllMyNotes Organizer for a super low price with the intent it would be a decent app to have along side OneNote. Turns out I’m using AllMyNotes everyday for storing lots of frequently used text and code snippets.

I’ve been writing all my case notes in AllMyNotes because it’s lightweight and it always saves them. While I keep a huge amount of research notes in OneNote, there are several things I repeatedly use and send. I have boiled those down to a couple of entries in Organizer and jump right to them since they sit as separate notes.

I have a template assigned to PhraseExpress which I fill out a dozen times a day. It’s very easy to do that inside AllMyNotes and then copy and paste all the pieces together. It’s also very easy to grab my piece of code (Exchange Powershell Command) change the parameters and run it. It’s in reach and the whole process is working extremely well for me.

AllMyNotes doesn’t actually compete with OneNote, but it makes a very nice complement to it. OneNote is my repository, it holds everything I need. It’s like my encyclopedia. It has all my links, screenshots, scripts, code and notes. But, for pushing that information out in the quickest form possible, I use AllMyNotes. I can still use screenshots, formatting, links, but it holds the everyday information I need. I find it to be incredibly helpful for getting my work done.

I’m incredibly pleased with this purchase, far more so than I was expecting. It really does organize your notes so you can put text together and get it out the door as quickly as possible. It looks like a version 3 is on the horizon and I’m very excited to see how it develops beyond that.

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