It’s the End of the Season for Miss Fisher

This season has come and gone far too quickly. Miss Fisher has become a favorite of mine, not just because it’s Australian, although that alone is a damn good reason. The stories are very good, the characters seem to be made for their parts and the costumes and cars are spot on. It has all those elements that make a show great.

They just finished off their Christmas episode, which was actually quite funny since it’s actually summer in Australia. I was wondering how they would address that – Christmas in July! That works for me. I have no idea if that’s a real thing in the homeland, but we’re going to go with it. They made it work so the rest of the world can see them in a white Christmas.

I REALLY hope this come back for Seasons 3. So far I haven’t actually heard it’s been renewed. That would be a damn shame considering it’s an excellent show with a strong female lead character, which we can always use more of.

In fact, now that the season is over, I’m tempted to start from the beginning and watch it all over again.


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