Merry Chickemas to all and to all a Good Thigh!


So what is Chickemas you ask? Well, it’s a challenge that got seriously out of control.

It all started as a simple enough conversation, which chicken is better? For this part of the South the contenders were Bojangles, KFC and Popeyes. Many other names came tumbling out, both chain franchises and individual stores. It became quite headed as people defended their favorites and made disparaging comments about those felt inferior. Turns out there was a lot more chicken available than we had sampled. Thus a challenge was put down. What if we sent our four fastest ships and rounded up buckets of chicken and put them head to head against each other? Which would be victorious.

But clearly we needed some criteria for this event. Thus, we created some simple rules to guide our gluttony. First, it had to be a chain. Second, it had to be a place we could get to during the lunch our. Three, it had to be actual chicken versus chicken sandwiches, wings, etc. The field was narrowed down to 5 – KFC, Bogangles, Popeyes, Church’s and Lee’s.

Thus we scrounged up several hundred dollars and sent off several brave souls in search of many buckets of chicken. They had a fistful of cash and a car saturated with the aroma of fried chicken. Would they actually return?

The excitement grew and after much salivating the buckets arrived and carnage ensued. It was a free for all the likes of which I’ve never seen.

But there was a goal here. A taste test to see which chain made the best chicken. It is indeed a subjective test, yet all the offerings were tried and results were tallied.

First, I personally think Lee’s was the best chicken followed very closely by KFC. They taste very similar to me and there is good reason for that. Lee’s was started by the nephew of the Colonel. The chains are related and it appears their secret blend of spices is quite similar. I still think Bojangles is good, but found both Popeye’s and Church’s to be very bland. There’s nothing wrong with, but nowhere near as flavorful as the others.
Lee’s was indeed the overall winner as chosen by a group of chicken afficianados. Next up was Church’s, then Popeye’s then Bojangles and finally, KFC.
Now that we have a winner, who should we put them up against? Do we find a local favorite and put them head to head? Or do we move on ot another culinary staple such as burgers?


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