So how did Sherlock survive that fall from the building?

Well, it’s the start of the New Year and what better way to kick things off than to find out what really happened to Sherlock. To be honest I was getting a little worried this episode wasn’t going to air. It’s been a long time since Sherlock made his grand leap and sent John into a dark place. As fans know from the books, Sherlock does indeed come back from the dead and says he had to let John believe he was dead.

We’re presented with 3 different ways it could have been done, but are any of them real? They have merit, but does Sherlock actually reveal how the trick was done? That is indeed the question.

The episode varies quite a bit from the original "Empty House", but it’s still damn good to see Sherlock and Watson back together. Things are a bit tense as you may expect. It’s not everyday your friend comes back from the dead and just about everyone but you was in on the act. And because of that lapse in time John seems to have someone new in his life. Will Sherlock and Watson continue their adventures or is John looking for a change of scenery? Watson was married in the books and still went on dozens of adventures so we should see the same thing here. Only problem is, we only get 3 episodes a year.

As with episodes past, the story is good, the acting is fine and it’s a great ride. Things feel a little disjointed at time and Sherlock seems to take great pride in teasing John for no good reason which feels quite out of character for him. And there is Sherlock’s relationship with his brother. They are coming off a bit too adversarial and Mycroft is a little too Man in Black for my liking. It’s nice to reimage characters and give them a new spin, but not sure I’m on board with this clock and dagger Mycroft.

None of these will stop me from watching the rest of the series though.


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