Philippines Monopoly all the way from the Philippines

I’ve been able to add yet another country board to my Monopoly collection. This time it comes all the way from the Philippines. Some of the guys I work with were over there to help open and train a new Network Operations Center. While touring the city and doing all the things that tourists do, they went into a variety of different game stores until they found the right version. Apparently most of the Monopoly boards are just the Americanized versions and from what they tell me, this copy was stashed on a top shelf somewhat lonely and forgotten.

Oddly, when we looked up the board on Google images it had names that corresponded to the streets for the hotels they were staying in, but that board must be out of print since they didn’t find anything like it. But that’s ok, it’s a Philippines board from the country of origin and that’s pretty cool.

For those who might be curious the cost is 1199.75 pesos. I have no idea what that equates to in our money, but I think it’s around $25.


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