Light at the end of the tunnel, hopefully not a train

There is something quite liberating about knowing you have a new job waiting for you. I’m still doing my work as expected, but all those hateful annoyances seem a touch less grating than before. Someone sleeping at their desk or passing off their regular job duties doesn’t seem as bad anymore. I still think they’re jerks and we’d all be better off if they were the one leaving, but it’s no longer my problem. I can quite literally sit back and just wait for the time to expire. I can take on responsibilities knowing full well that when I completely cock it up, it’s someone else’s mess to clean up. Not my problem my friend!

Time is counting down and I’m already filling out the paperwork for the next place I will land. Ironically, once I told this company I was leaving, they didn’t waste a second in scheduling an exit interview. I had the calendar invite in my mailbox within the hour.

Oh well, it’s good to look forward to new opportunities. Ironically, I’ll be leaving right when the review period it about to start. I get to dodge that one so yay for me!

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