Rockin the Sound Bar

I see a lot of deals on Woot, but rarely do I indulge in such things, but today is a different day. Out of the blue, Woot had the AudioSource S3D60 Soundbar for a dirt cheap price. Oh, I could use that thing! I could put it on my gaming machine and get some bowel shaking sound. I have a weak set of desktop speakers on there now so this would work out well for me. Yes, it’s an older model. Yes, it’s been discontinued, but when did I ever give off the impression of being cutting edge?

If I’m lucky, I should be able to hook this to my much unused Apple TV. I like that device, but I end up doing everything on my computer anyway.

If this Soundbar works the way I think it will, I should have some fun with Next Car Game, Dirt 2, Grid and Assetto Corsa. It won’t make me play any better, but the sound of me crashing into other cars, of running into the dirt and into the walls will be spectacular! I should be able to get the full crash experience!

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