Another coat of paint for the bedroom and living room

Before the floors are stripped down and sanded, I wanted to put another coat of the "buttercream" onto the walls. The trim still needs to be done, but the less I have to do down the road the better. It’s a good thing I bought those work lights as with all this cloud cover the house is somewhat dark. Well, at least a bit dark when it comes to the details of painting and knowing where I stopped.

While the painting itself is no big deal, we are going through paint like water. I had to buy an additional 2 gallons to make sure I had enough to finish. I’m not sure if it’s my painting style, but it takes about a gallon to cover the 4 walls. At $20+ a gallon, this is starting to add up, but the results are very good.

However, I have run into one problem.  The marker on the bedroom wall is not going away. I’m not sure if it’s Sharpie or crayon or something else, but even after covering it with 2 coats of paint, it’s still visible. I’ll need to cover it with Killz to see if that makes it go away. If not, I’m going to apply a light layer of spackle over it. Brent talked about covering stains that way and it seems we might be at the point to try it.

Apart from that, the rooms are looking good. They need to have all the trim done, but that will have to wait until after the floors are done. I’m not thrilled with doing that over new floors, but since I’ll be using a much smaller, foam roller, the chances of spilling are far less. Plus, I will have the plastic drop cloths all over the floor and will put the ladder on some padding so it doesn’t actually touch the floor. The trim isn’t a critical part of the room, but I do want to get it done. It will be a quick job, but after this weekend it will have to wait for awhile.

This leaves the bathroom as the only room left to paint. That I can easily do in an afternoon. We are going to lighten up the blue that’s already there, and as usual, I expect it to take 2 coats of paint. Not much area so a quick job in the grand scheme of things.

That takes me out of the house for awhile. We now turn it over to Jerry who is going to redo the floors for us. That should take about a week and I want to make sure it’s well and truly done before stepping on those floors.

I also took the washing machine for spin and ran a load of clothes through it. I noticed the Sanitize cycle is 2:30hrs and the Allergen cycle is 2:10. Not sure what the difference is, but that’s an hour longer than the Sanitize cycle of the LG model. There is also a Bedding setting which is a little over an hour so I’ll have to check the manual to see what the differences are.

There is also a Sanitize cycle on the dryer, so it seems if you are going to use both, you got to plan ahead!

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