BestBuy arrives late, breaks my washer and then claims there is nothing more they can do

For those that don’t want to read my rant, let me sum it up this way: Do Not buy appliances from BestBuy! They are utterly incompetent and don’t have a care or concern to fix any issues that may come up. The next time I buy appliances it will be from Lowe’s or Home Depot. BestBuy can go rot. Here’s what ended up happening with my appliance delivery.

• The delivery window was from 11-3. I get a call at 2:50 saying they are running behind and won’t be there for a couple more hours.
• An hour later, I’m told the washing machine is damaged to the point where it won’t be feasible to install it. It was harpooned with a forklift, but they still shipped it and intended to deliver it.
• At 6pm they show up with the other appliances, but they don’t have gas line hoses for the stove or dryer. These are mandatory purchases when you buy gas items or else they won’t install them.
• BestBuy says I will need to file a claim for the washer. Once that has been submitted and processed, they will put in an order for a new washer and set up a new delivery date.
• The store they sent the appliances to doesn’t actually sell appliances (which is exactly why we didn’t buy them from there) so there’s nothing more they can do
• I lose my mind and tell the customer service rep that I need to speak with a manager or supervisor because I’m going to start using my outside voice.

And for those that have some time to spare, here’s the full story.

For a retailer that’s being driven out of business by online stores like Amazon, you would think they would take a bit more care when someone does come in with an order, especially one for multiple appliances. Not so.

We had already run into problems when BestBuy sent an email out of the blue saying the scheduled delivery date for the appliances had been changed. We had picked the delivery date three weeks ago and here we are less than 48 hours away and without any explanation or call, the date is changed.

After calling in to get an explanation of what is going on, I’m told someone has made a change about the dishwasher installation. I explained, like I did 3 weeks ago, the washer isn’t being installed. I am buying all the appliances together, but we all agreed the dishwasher could just ride along and it wouldn’t be an issue to not install it. Why some change was made this late in the game, I’ll never know. But I yet again told them, the appliances cannot be delivered at a later date. They won’t be able to get into the house. If it can’t happen on Friday, we have a problem.

I was to set work from home and spent the ENTIRE day waiting to hear from BestBuy. As mentioned, they were supposed to show up between 11 and 3. At 2:50 I get a call to say they are running late and it will be a couple more hours before they can get back to the store, get the appliances and come out to the house. Really? You wait until 10 minutes before the end of the delivery window to tell me you’re running late? It didn’t occur to you 2 hours ago that you might be running late?

At 6pm I get a call saying the washing machine is damaged. The side of the machine is punctured to the point where the machine most likely won’t work. "It looks like it’s been hit with the forklift." I was then asked if I still wanted it delivered. Why the hell would I want you to bring out a smashed washing machine? And no, it wasn’t merely a dent, but rather the forklift blade punctured the washer into the drum. Obviously whoever did it, knew they did it, said nothing and hoped to cover up their tracks and not get caught.

Now it’s time to call BestBuy and see what they plan to do. Since they sent the appliances to a store that doesn’t sell appliances, clearly they can’t just pick up a replacement from their stock. Smart move BestBuy. So I ask about going to another store and pulling one from their stock. While the model is a bit on the high end side, it’s not a special order so there should be another one sitting around somewhere. It’s not like one of those novelty red or blue ones you see sitting out.

After putting me on hold for a significant amount of time, I was told that before they could do anything I would have to file for an exchange and once that was processed I could order another washer and they would set up an appointment for delivery. Once I filled out the forms it would take a week to process. I found this to be a little on the distressing side and chose to air my grievance. Why should I ask for an exchange when I don’t have the item and the fault lies with them?

I stated that I’m sure there was another washer in the vicinity and they should do their best to locate it and deliver it to me. The woman stated there was nothing more she could do. I replied that she needed to get her manager on the phone because it was their job to handle irate customers. "I’m going to start yelling and that’s your manager’s job to handle."

The supervisor came on and I flatly explained that if the washing machine couldn’t be delivered tonight or by tomorrow since it was getting so late that I wanted to cancel the order and I would get it from somewhere else. I was going to have to wait anyway, so I would just go with another company that doesn’t seem to have their head rectally inverted.

A great deal of time goes by and several calls are made and all I keep hearing is that they don’t know if there is another washing machine available. How is such a thing possible? There are multiple stores in the area and not a single one has inventory with this type of washer? What kind of business does that? No wonder BestBuy is being driven out of business.

Finally, BestBuy claims they think they know which store has one and the manager is going to drive over and get it. Meanwhile, the delivery drivers have actually shown up and ask what I want done with the order. Well, that depends. Is there a washing machine coming and do you actually have the gas line hoses to hook this stuff up? Remember, the gas line hoses I absolutely had to buy at a marked up price were not included with the shipment. The driver said that he was going to use this own lines, that he was told someone was driving out to get a washer and that if I was willing, he was more than ready to get the appliances in the house.

Giving BestBuy a chance to fix the many mistakes they’d made up to this point, I said to go ahead and hook everything up, which they did, starting at 7:30pm.

The two delivery guys were efficient and set about their task with great speed. In short order the old, nasty microwave was ripped out and a new one installed. The oven was in place right behind it. Next the dryer was hooked up and both the oven and dryer had to run through a 30 minute cycle to make sure they worked. While did their "burn in", the massive refrigerator was brought in. Sort of.

It wouldn’t fit through the front door. Not a big deal, we’ll take the house door off the hinges. A couple minutes later, we were in the living room. But the fridge was too wide and curved out just enough to make it impossible to fit through the doorway. Oh damn, now what do we do?

Before the matter could be discussed, out came the drill and off came the freezer door. Right there in front of me, my brand new and rather expensive refrigerator was being dismantled. The door was pulled off the drawer was pulled away in a couple of pieces and the rails were pushed back in. Obviously a fridge is held together by screws and bolts, but to see one come apart like that was unsettling. I have no doubt they do this all the time, but my first thought was, "you can put that back the way you found it, right?"

With the door off, they pivoted it through the doorway and slipped it into place and the freezer section was put back together. Meanwhile, no word on the washing machine and whether or not they had one. And at this point, the delivery guys took away the old fridge and went through the final checks to make sure everything was hooked up correctly.

The front door was replaced and all the plastic and boxes were gathered up and put on the truck. It was just shy of 9pm with the installers literally walking down the front steps when the manager from BestBuy showed up stating he had the washing machine with him. And that’s all he brought. No tools, no one to help him install it.

I could tell he was begging these two to help him get the machine out of the truck and into the house. Not to be rude, but this guy had no idea how to even hook up the damn thing. He had no idea there were shipping bolts inside that had to be removed. He didn’t even have a wrench. What the hell was he thinking? Ok great, you have the washer, but had you been 2 minutes later in arriving there would be no one to help get it out of the truck and no one to hook it up. Dumb, stupid luck on his part.

Finally, at 9:30, everything was in the house and had been tested to make sure it worked. They were supposed to have shown up by 3 at the latest.

And while I do have the washing machine, it’s a floor model, not a new one out of the box as it should be. It also has some nicks and blemishes on it, while not detrimental are exceedingly annoying based on how much the damn thing cost. So in the 3 weeks BestBuy had to prepare for this delivery, this is the best they could do. This was their best foot forward. And to top it all off, they still had the installation charge for the dishwasher on the list.

So to recap this is how BestBuy utterly ruined this order:

They tried to reschedule without warning
They destroyed the washer which had been sitting at their store for at least a couple days and no one checked the merchandise
They didn’t bring any of the mandatory gas lines to hook up the stove or dryer
They were over 3 hours late in getting started
They charged me for an installation they were never supposed to perform
They told me I needed to process and exchange for a washing machine they broke and I would get another in a couple of weeks
I got a floor model washer when I paid for a brand new one
When they did find a replacement it was delivered without anyone to install it and without tools

Suffice it to say, I will never order appliances from BestBuy again. At this stage, I doubt I will order a vacuum from them. I will be better off having it shipped in from Amazon and have it here in 2 days with Prime. BestBuy doesn’t serve much of a function these days and if this is how they handle the remainder of their business, we can kiss them goodbye. And that’s probably what we should do anyway.

Screw you BestBuy, you are a useless and worthless organization full of incompetent employees who don’t care one bit about fixing the mistakes they make.



Morgan St 014

The gas dryer loaded into it’s spot with a nice tile background

 Morgan St 015

The new microwave and stove slid into position, also with a nice tile background

 Morgan St 021

The infamous washing machine in action with the dishwasher (which BestBuy) was never supposed to install sitting next to it

Morgan St 024

The appliances in the kitchen with the floor cleaned up a bit



Here is a comparison of the old kitchen vs the new kitchen. The wallpaper in the kitchen has been removed, the counter tops have been painted, the wood paneling has been painted, the walls have been painted and tiled, the kitchen peninsula has been painted and of course, new appliances.

And that in essence is the finished kitchen.

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