Washing machine faucet has a small leak

While the test of the washing machine was a success, the same cannot be said for the water valves it connects to. There is both a visual problem and a plumbing problem.

First of all, both valves knobs are red, which just annoys me to no end. No, it’s not an OCD thing, it’s common sense. There is no way I’m going to remember which is hot and which is cold unless they’re labeled correctly.

Second, after having the water on for two loads of laundry, we noticed water coming out of the top of the valve. While not a big leak, over time it’s certainly going to pool on the hardwood floors. Considering the investment in the appliance, there is no need to be cheap on the faucet end. Not to mention, the faucets look incredibly old and dirty.

With that, it was time for yet another trip to Lowe’s to buy replacements. This was easier said than done as that section of the store is just a myriad of replacement parts just scattered all over the place. You would think common items like these would be readily available and labeled correctly. Not so.

By dumb luck we found both the red and blue handled tap models in the size we needed. And then it was time for the scavenger hunt to find the bar used to turn off the water main. Don’t bother putting a couple in the area with the valves where clearly you have intentions of turning off the water. That would be too damn easy! Let’s make a game out of it and put it in a place that doesn’t make any sense because I have nothing better to do than wander around the store. Not like I’m in the middle of a project or anything.

Stopping by to grab some pipe tape, a big crescent wrench, a pipe wrench, a vice grip and pliers (I want to be prepared) we were off and back to fixing the problem.

Our first attempt didn’t go as well as planned. We were not as liberal with the pipe tape as we should have been and had a small drip at the thread point. Not a big deal, but again, over time it’s an issue. We undid the valves and retaped them like they’d suffered severe trauma and wrenched them back in place. This time they worked like a charm.

We left the valves wide open for a couple hours while we worked on cleaning up the house for the flooring guys to come in. When we checked, no leaks. All good.

Lesson learned, wrap it up!

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Look how shiny they are!

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