Work begins on patching and sanding the floor. Not quite like the Karate Kid though

We have now come to the last big project for the house – repairing, sanding and sealing the hardwood floors in 3 of the rooms. This is something Donna originally wanted to do, but based on the cost and tools needed and the sheer volume of wood we have to work with, it might be best to call in professionals to handle this one. We have asked Jerry of 1 Dollar Flooring to come in and take up the mantle of salvaging these floors. As you can see from the photos below, some of the wood looks to be in pretty good shape, while the floor in the master bedroom looks absolutely horrific. Honestly, how do you get that much paint on the floor? Anyway, the bedroom originally had carpet which had been soaked with urine by both an unruly dog and a unsupervised child. To put it bluntly, the person we had previously rented this too made no qualms about letting her pitbull piss all over the floors and walls and whatever was good for the dog was good enough for their child who also peed all over the carpet and walls.

That being said, one of the first tasks that happened in the house was to rip out all the carpet. That also exposed a rather hack patch job to the floor in the bedroom. Who knows what happened, but when fixing the problem, the boards were cut out and a crap piece of chip board or something similar was thrown down, screwed in place and covered with carpet. That’s a pretty tragic way to go even if you don’t plan on seeing the original floors again. For our wants it’s now a major problem and has to be fixed.

The floor will need to be repaired with new boards, all the carpet tacks have to be removed, it needs to be cleaned and washed. When that’s done, the floor can be repaired and then it’ll be time to actually start sanding.

This should take around 7 days or so to complete and of course we will be staying off the floors. We can get into the kitchen from the back of the house, but with this work going on, there isn’t much reason to be in the house at the moment. We will just steer clear and wait for the magic to happen.

Below are what the floors look like now. As mentioned, some are in decent shape, but the bedroom is awful. This is definitely going to be a challenge, but if it works out, the transformation will be amazing!



Morgan St 033

The floor in the second bedroom which looks to be in pretty reasonable shape

 Morgan St 034

Floor in the living room, right as you walk in. It’s not too bad, but it’s clearly pretty dirty and has an odd wear spot

Morgan St 029

And here is where the disaster starts. This is the floor in the master bedroom. The hack repair job is in the upper right hand corner. And what the hell is the deal with all the paint splatter? Only a moron paints like that.

 Morgan St 028

Another shot of the same floor to show the problem is throughout the room. And no, those aren’t orbs of paranormal energy, it’s just dust floating around.

 Morgan St 036

The repair in the floor will go from the closet and fireplace down to the bathroom door. As you can see, the literally cut in a straight line and that won’t work if the boards are to be exposed.

 Morgan St 035

Things get pretty bad here. Not sure what happened, but it’s got to go. This has to be dealt with before the floor can be sanded.

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