There’s a hole in the floor Dear Liza. Repairing the master bedroom hardwood floors

The work on the floors has started and the first order of business was to fix the the missing boards from the bathroom to the fireplace. It’s about a 3ft x 10ft section that needs all new boards. And you don’t just nail new ones into place. Old boards need to come out so the floor doesn’t look symmetrical. The floor needs to have that jigsaw puzzle look.

The new boards are of course a completely different shade than the old boards, but this is all before any real work has been done. The original boards are a very dark color, but we want them sanded down to the bare wood to expose a much lighter, natural color. The goal has been to make the house lighter so if we can get away with it, we won’t stain these boards. Unfortunately, that may not happen since Jerry has said the wood has urine stains that might show through even after they’ve been sanded. The dog and child mess is pretty severe, but he will wait to see what he has once the floors are stripped. That is still a few days away so we’ll see.

This is the start of the repair. The floor has been cleaned and the new boards are being cut to fit. Tomorrow they should actually go into place.


Egad, looks down damn dirty that floor is! And of course, these boards don’t look to be anywhere close to the same shade. Fear not, Jerry says he knows what he’s doing and they will eventually match.

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