Master bedroom floor has been patched, now the real sanding can begin

The hole in the bedroom has been patched with the new wood securely in place. It’s pretty obvious where the work was done, but the first stage is now complete. I have to say, it looks pretty impressive so far, but if you look at the picture you can see just how bad the rest of the floor is. Some sanding has already taken place around the patch and the original floor looks terrible. It’s like a dirty ring around the bathtub.

Jerry and his team certainly have their work cut out for them. I can see by the true color of the wood this is going to really good when it’s done, but they have a lot of layers of crap to get through still. Good luck lads!


It sort of looks like the previous picture, but these boards are actually in place. You can really see how dirty and bad off the original floors are. I’m already glad we’ve turned over this project to someone else. That floor is a mess.

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