The grime and paint have been sanded away from the hardwood floors

Checking back in with Jerry and his progress finds the floors have had all sorts of layers of dirt and grime stripped away exposing some very nice looking hardwood floors. I believe the first stage of the process has been completed. The bedroom has been repaired as we saw yesterday and now the top layer of rubbish has been removed.

Sanding the floors is usually a 3 step process but I’m not sure which step we’re on. I believe there is more sanding to come with ever finer grit and then the wood in the bedroom will need to be matched with the repair section.

But wow, have a look at the change. The original floor was covered in dirt and paint. Now, so much of that has been stripped off and the real color of the wood is showing through. This is already starting to look amazing.IMG_0213IMG_0209

The bedroom floor where the floor has been patched. You can see the new boards in the upper right corner.

As a comparison, the original floor (as of yesterday) is next to it with the same patch portion showing. Oh yes, some layers of terrible things have been removed.

 IMG_0211  IMG_0212

The office floor. This room wasn’t that bad, but it has plenty of layers of dirt on it.

 Morgan St 033

Same floor as the one above before any work was done. It looks pretty reasonable, but there is a lot of dirt there and you can see all the spilled paint.

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