Hardwood floors are sanded and stained. The last big project draws to a close

It’s pretty obvious I don’t know a thing about floors or at least how long it takes to refinish them. I made comment that Jerry and his team still had some stages of sanding to go through. That is not the case. They are in fact done with sanding and have moved on to the staining process. Or more to the point, have finished the first part of the staining process.

All the floors now have a heavy, make your head spin from the fumes coating of stain on them which will set overnight to penetrate deep into the wood. They look a bit dark at the moment, but as with stain, once you begin to wipe it off, the wood underneath is much lighter. But oh my goodness what a difference!

Before, the wood looked like it was just painted (or dirty) slats. It didn’t even look like a wood floor. But now, with all the crud stripped away, you can see the character of the wood. All the arches, swirls and knots are clearly visible which makes it look completely different. If I didn’t know better, I would say this is a replacement floor, not the original.

Jerry still has a bit of magic to perform, such as wiping this layer of stain away, putting on another, buffing and then sealing the whole thing. Without a doubt, the floor looks wonderful. To me, the change is drastic. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

IMG_0214 IMG_0215 IMG_0216

Here are some comparison shots of what the floors used to look like and what we have today. The first picture is the office which probably had the best floors, while the last picture is the bedroom which had the worst. We don’t have pictures of the bedroom since you can’t get in there lest ye step on the wet strain and ruin the entire project.

Pretty impressive difference, don’t ya think?

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