Hardwood floors are complete. Now they cure for two weeks

Jerry finished up the floors over the weekend. He put on the final touches of stain then applied the sealant. And with that, the floors are now done which also means our last big project is done. We need to stay off the floors for the next week and basically let them cure for the next two weeks. I believe we can walk on it, but no furniture that would cover it.

I have to say, the transformation of what we had to where we are now is pretty amazing. The bedroom floor was the worst with all of it’s paint splatter, but the living room floor was covered with some sort of old varnish or coating that gummed up Jerry’s machine every few minutes. It took them a lot longer than normal to finish these couple of rooms because of it.

We were also discussing if these were the original boards from when the house was built in the 20s. More than likely they are since we looked at another house in the area and the wood flooring looked to be the same. It’s probable the floors were covered with carpet starting in the 60s or somewhere around there and have had carpet over them ever since. The kitchen didn’t have wood flooring and it’s hard to tell the story of the living room. A rough guess would say these floors have been waiting 40 years to see the light of day again.

And the work Jerry has done is remarkable. Considering none of the other boards needed to be replaced, how old they are and how poorly they’ve been treated, it’s amazing they didn’t splinter to pieces as soon as the sander touched them. But now they look fantastic. We would have liked them to be a touch lighter, but again, the wood didn’t lend itself to that. It was a darker toned wood to begin with.

But they look wonderful. The floors are clean and shiny and look like they’re ready to last another 50 years.

We now have to take a break from the house for a couple of weeks since the remainder of the work involves painting wall trim over the new floors. There is also painting the bathroom which should only take me a couple hours, but I can’t get in there yet. A quick run around with the Killz and then coats of new paint should have it fixed up. Not much square footage to cover.

The funny thing is, in many respects, the house is actually done. It’s a small amount of paint work from here on out. All the construction has been completed. Everything that needed to be replaced has in fact been replaced. The floors are done, the appliances are in place, the bathroom is fully functional and everything is working as expected. It needs some furniture of coarse, but that is at least a month away.

Donna is now going to make curtains to cover those large windows. In the interim until the next painting project, it’s time to buy some small appliances, cutlery, a pantry and a few other kitchen items. With everything else being new, it’s a good time to get some new accessories.

Oh, there is also a hint from Brent that there is plenty of room above the house for attic space. There is rumor of adding drop stairs and claiming some of that space.


This is the completed living room floor. Hey look, the wood floor actually has a wood grain you can actually see!


The office floor all clean and preserved. It looks quite red depending on how the light hits it.



The living room floor with a sneak peek at what the master bedroom holds. We can’t actually get in there since that room is surrounded by two other floors we can’t walk on. From looking in the window from the porch it looked pretty darn good, but it’s pretty dark without the lights on so it’s going to be a surprise when we finally get to go in there and see it in person.

But look at the change in those floors!

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