Carving out some space for an attic

Finishing the bathroom was supposed to be a finish to the work on the house. Turns out that’s not the case. As hinted at previously, Brent talked about carving out a space for an attic. Since the house is very light on closet space, it seemed like a good idea. Brent is the only one who has managed to squeeze and snake his way up the exceptionally small hole cut in the closet ceiling that gives access to the attic. How he got up there I don’t understand, but he says there is a lot of room up there and unlike what most people are used to, there’s nothing up there. No duct work, no wires, no piping, no cables. Just some slats and beams. I took his word for it and construction has now begun on making a new opening and then laying down boards to make a 16×16 space that can be used for storage.

This is going to be a bare bones affair. We will use the standard drop stairs and the floor will be some sturdy boards. Some wiring will be run for lighting with a simple switch. This isn’t a room, just storage. A couple of adjustments will need to be done to the beams, but it won’t have an impact on the roofline or structure of the house.

While it doesn’t seem or sound like a big deal, it does involve cutting into the ceiling which makes me nervous. I think it’s a good idea and if this place is going to have storage space, it’s almost a must have.

Brent feels confident so we are going to forge ahead. There is quite a bit of labor involved in this project and the stairs won’t be cheap either. The timing could have been better and we should have done this before the floors were restored. But who knew there was this sort of space available and the floor was already scheduled.

I think we should be fine.

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