Some broken stairs and an extremely brittle roof

One of my fears has sort of come to pass. We did hit a snag with the drop stairs. The first set was broken and needs to be replaced. Second, the ceiling is extremely brittle and when a space was cut out for the stairs, a fair amount of the plaster came loose.

The actual ceiling is still in tact, but right at the opening, it peeled away just like it did when I removed the wallpaper border in the bathroom. Clearly nothing Brent has done, but I have to say it fills me with concern that the entire ceiling is going to give way and come crashing down. Had I been doing the work, I most likely would have soiled myself and screamed in terror. Since it happened while Brent was doing the surgery, I don’t feel so bad.


For some reason that ceiling appears far more cracked and damaged than any other room in the house. And yes, that was well before we cut into it. It’s like it was done at a different time or has different material.

The plaster in the affected area will be covered up with support boards from the stairs and will be patched with plaster. There is so much patching plaster in this house you have to laugh.

Brent says the ceiling is stronger than it looks and should be fine for many years to come. He has full confidence everything is fine.

Well, it sort of has to be. We’ve put a giant hole in the ceiling so we need to make the best of this. We can’t stop now!

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