Sealing and waterproofing the deck

Sealing and waterproofing the deck is long overdue. It’s not like it’s been years or anything, but I really want to get this taken care of before things really get cold. The weather hasn’t been cooperating though. The weather was great right after the deck was finished, but as soon as it was time to seal the deck we had weeks of rain brought on by a series of tropical thunderstorms sweeping up from Florida.

When that had blown over, it continued to rain every weekend and thwarted my plans at every turn.

But the clouds have parted and it’s moment to strike! I ran out and got several gallons of Thompson’s Water Seal in the Clear formula. I don’t want to stain the deck, just seal it. I also grabbed a sprayer, brushes and a roller just in case.

I got everything the night before so I wouldn’t burn any daylight. Turns out it’s cloudy again and looks like it’s going to rain. Why me I ask?!?!

It didn’t rain, but the threat kept me from working. I decided I would go ahead and power wash all the dirt and debris from the wood and in case it didn’t rain, I could do it on Sunday.

It didn’t rain overnight, so Sunday I was a flurry of motion with spraying and painting on sealant. It didn’t go through the sprayer as well as I had hoped. It was more of a splatter than a spray, but it was coating so went with it.

I used the brush for the hand rail and slats. It was easy work but took a long time to complete. I think I would have been better off using a roller on the deck itself and to be honest, I might try and apply a new coat in Spring just to make sure I got it all.

However, the work is done and it looks good. It penetrates well and is easy to apply. The reviews on the Clear seal was all over the place. Some said it was great, some said it sucks. For now, it seems really good to me. Funny thing is, it’s going to rain tomorrow night, so let’s see how this works.

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