Just kidding, time for another project – Garbage Disposal

This place is starting to feel like the Winchester House. If construction stops we’re doomed!

There is in fact, one last project. It’s a relatively simple one, but again, I think it’s a good idea. Cue the dramatic music because that’s when the problems start.

When Brent and I last talked before making the final install for the appliances, the idea of a disposal was brought up. The house doesn’t have one, but it seems like a good idea. Can something like that be done?

It appears that it can. It will take a bit of work and a tile or two might need to be removed, but we are on board for making it happen. It seems silly to have all these new appliances, all this capability of making food stuff and then be stymied by a lack of disposal. These are absolute must haves for a kitchen, but clearly it’s better to have one than not.

Brent is going to get a 3/4 horsepower Insinkerator model and hook it up to a space that’s available. This too will take a bit of trickery to make work as he has to cut through the cabinets and snake some wire up the wall. Again, I have full confidence Brent can pull this off. He has yet to be stumped or slowed by the hurdles of this house.

He says the Insinkerator is the best model to get and will last years. We’re going with the higher end model with more power since I have really came to adhere to the mantra that it’s better to spend the money now, do it right, do it once and forget about it.

This truly will be the last project for the house. No more things to install. No more wires to run. No more holes to be cut or holes to be patched. No more plumbing. No more tiling. No more painting. This is it! We’re done! The movie’s over!

At this point, it’s time to clean, scrub and get ready for furniture. In fact, the living room set I bought will be here on Saturday – barring any blundering BestBuy sort of idiocy. Yes, BestBuy is my benchmark for how bad a company can be.

So that’s it! After a few months of sanding, painting, caulking, tiling and cutting, the house is done!

Ok, in reality there is a bit more to be done, like sanding and stripping the interior doors and painting the porch as well as some other odds and ends, but no more construction projects.

Of course, I’ve said that sort of thing before…

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