Living room furniture gets delivered on time – Pay attention BestBuy

It may be Halloween, but there is an interesting treat about to be delivered – the living room set. As mentioned, the trip to Ashley furniture started off in one direction, but by the end, a completely different living room set had been picked out. I originally wanted something brown, perhaps "leatherish" to go with the hardwood floors. They were nice, but not really the right look. Plus, some clearly wouldn’t fit in the space of the living room.

After scanning through just about everything they had to offer, we found a fabric set that actually used the same colors as we had chosen for the house. Not only was it a good color match, it was extremely comfortable. It was also a sectional set so we could mix and match pieces around to fit how the room would go together. It had a chaise at one end, a big comfy corner piece and small couch pieces that would fit perfectly.

We had agreed to have the furniture delivered on Halloween as it was a Saturday and it gave plenty of time for the floors to dry and cure after being sanded and stained. Ashley Furniture had no problem holding the delivery even though it’s their desire to deliver within 7 days.

The window for delivery was set between 12 -3 and right at 11:30 I got a call saying they were on their way. Hey look, they’re actually going to show up when they said they would – BestBuy should try and emulate that.

Almost at the stroke of noon the truck pulled up and the furniture was unloaded. They checked to make sure they had the right pieces, checked to make sure they would fit and then within minutes they were in the living room being uncovered. They even brought pads to put on the legs so they wouldn’t scratch the new floors. They also put the furniture close to, but not touching the walls so they wouldn’t scratch or mark those either.

Within 30 minutes the furniture was in place and the delivery guys were done. All the pieces were correct and it looked perfect. Again, BestBuy should pay attention to these little details. It’s amazing how excited people get when the things they order show up on time and are correct.

And just like that, a room full of furniture. It looks great! We also got an excellent deal on the price and financing. There were other pieces I wanted, but I wanted to make sure they could handle the first purchase before going in for more. I’m completely sold on getting a kitchen table and chairs as well as bedroom set from them. They have those fantastic Tempur-pedic memory foam mattresses I want so almost without a doubt it will come from them.

So that really is the last piece. The last thing we needed to get done. Living room furniture is now in place so I guess I will bring the TV in and set it up. It will be coupled with a small streaming media computer I got just to handle movies. This may not be a media room on intent, but that’s almost exactly what it’s turning into. This room is going to be great!

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