And just like that, the house is done

So there it is. It’s over. Bring up the lights and roll the credits. The house is done! I’m stunned to even say such a thing. Not only did I never think to start remodeling a house, I thought it just as likely the project would never end. But we did it! The house is done and I have to say, I’m pretty damn impressed with the work we’ve put into it.

Well, complete is a relative term, but for now, we’re going to say this house is done. All the painting is finished, the bathroom has been remodeled, the kitchen has new appliances and tile, and the floors have been stripped, sanded and stained. That was the original plan – mostly, but there were a couple of side projects along the way.

In addition to the above, it was decided to add gutters and rain barrels to help control some of the drainage and give an easily collectable water supply for the lawn.

Next, a deck was added to make a better entrance and what house doesn’t benefit from a deck?

Since the house didn’t have a dishwasher, we thought it good measure to add one. It’s not quite in the usual place, but a spot was created, enclosed and all the plumbing run to put it in full working order.

If you’re going to cook, you need a disposal. Always a good idea and this needed was to an outlet to a switch. Oh yeah, and jam a giant Insinkerator into the plumbing.

And let us not forget the project that made me think I broke the bloody house, the attic. With a few power tools, a bit of time and some determination, you too can cut a giant hole in your ceiling and turn it into usable storage space.

But there it is. It’s all done. There are some odd and ends to deal with, but we are not only going to call this project done, but we’re going to call it a success! The goal was to fix up the place to make it better. To make it livable again and by that criteria, we have exceeded the mark admirably.

I have to say, this wasn’t an easy or cheap project, but results were worth it. The new hardwood floors are quite stunning, the deck is fantastic and the attic is going to be a huge help since the house doesn’t really have any storage. Instead of a deck, I would have preferred to add a proper laundry room, but the estimates on that were as much as buying another house in the same neighborhood.

Next year there will be a focus on some landscaping as well as removing the interior doors to have them completely stripped to remove the old paint and all the marker that still shows through. The front porch will also be repainted and sealed. I also need to get at least one more set of rain barrels as the first two filled up almost immediately. Even with a light rain, the amount of water collected is huge. At this rate I should be able to get a soaker hose and take care of the lawn for months.

So is there anything that should have been done differently? To be honest, no. I would have preferred a laundry room, but the deck is fantastic and I’m thrilled it’s there. I can’t really think of anything that should have been done differently. Just to take another shot at them, I certainly wouldn’t buy appliances from BestBuy and would instead get them from Lowe’s.

As I step back and look, this house has features you wouldn’t find in a home 5 times more expensive. It has a huge front porch, it has extremely high ceilings, it has hardwood floors, it has a fenced in back yard, and now appliances that would make most home chefs jealous. It may have cost a few dollars to get this far, but I think it was worth it.

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