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Monopoly India Style

A friend of mine just recently took a month long hiatus to his home country of India. We’d previously discussed Monopoly boards and he said he would look for one for me. True to his word he brought back the India version of “The game of buying, selling, trading and mortgaging”.

Much to my surprise and amusement the came is identical yet completely different. The board is basically the same, the concept is the same, but the box, tokens and money are different. If you notice, you use coins for money. There are no paper bills. The cities are labeled with the local destinations (that’s the part I find truly fascinating) and everything is in Rupees.

This thing is awesome!

image image

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60 minutes and counting for Dead Man’s Draw

Now this has me nervous. There’s only an hour left in this campaign and still a few thousand dollars to raise. This is going to be very close. I know a lot of people wait until the very end before they pledge, but this is cutting it way too fine.

I really hope people come together and bump up that number. It’ll be disappointing not to see this game come in physical form. It needs just a few more people to make it happen.

Come on, throw in $5 bucks to help make this cool card game. It only needs a few more people to push this over the top. Who’s with me?

Dead Man’s Draw – A Card Game of Risk and Reward

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The final hours for Dead Man’s Draw – A Card Game of Risk and Reward

Oracle isn’t the only Kickstarter project coming to an end. Another favorite, Dead Man’s Draw has just 12 hours left to make it’s final goal. In those 12 hours we still need to raise just shy of $4,000. This one is so close, but still so far away.

I’ve been playing this on the iPad for a few weeks now and enjoy the game immensely. It’s extremely simple to learn, but provides hours of entertainment. And it’s not just the same game over and over again. With the traits in play, you have almost infinite variety.

Dead Man’s Draw was available for free just the other day so I hope you got a chance to download it and check it out. If you’re like me, you’d like to have a physical set of cards to play with as well. Here’s your chance, but only if we get a few more dollars in the kitty. This one is really doable and it only takes a few more people to come on board to make it happen.

If you haven’t already, jump on over to Kickstarter and pick up a deck of cards.

Dead Man’s Draw – A Card Game of Risk and Reward


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