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Carving out some space for an attic

Finishing the bathroom was supposed to be a finish to the work on the house. Turns out that’s not the case. As hinted at previously, Brent talked about carving out a space for an attic. Since the house is very light on closet space, it seemed like a good idea. Brent is the only one who has managed to squeeze and snake his way up the exceptionally small hole cut in the closet ceiling that gives access to the attic. How he got up there I don’t understand, but he says there is a lot of room up there and unlike what most people are used to, there’s nothing up there. No duct work, no wires, no piping, no cables. Just some slats and beams. I took his word for it and construction has now begun on making a new opening and then laying down boards to make a 16×16 space that can be used for storage.

This is going to be a bare bones affair. We will use the standard drop stairs and the floor will be some sturdy boards. Some wiring will be run for lighting with a simple switch. This isn’t a room, just storage. A couple of adjustments will need to be done to the beams, but it won’t have an impact on the roofline or structure of the house.

While it doesn’t seem or sound like a big deal, it does involve cutting into the ceiling which makes me nervous. I think it’s a good idea and if this place is going to have storage space, it’s almost a must have.

Brent feels confident so we are going to forge ahead. There is quite a bit of labor involved in this project and the stairs won’t be cheap either. The timing could have been better and we should have done this before the floors were restored. But who knew there was this sort of space available and the floor was already scheduled.

I think we should be fine.

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Painting the bathroom Part 2

So the first coat of paint is on the walls and once this dries there will be some patch work to do and then another coat. Everything gets two coats.

The walls in the house are quite old so there are plenty of hairline cracks all over the place. They are mostly cosmetic and just need to be covered over with a bit of spackle. Plus, there are lots of rough spots on the wall that could use a little smoothing out. The dining room is held together with caulking compound and at this rate the bathroom will be held together with spackle.

Had it been part of the budget, the best course of action would have been to take down the walls and replace them with drywall. However, that would have been a major undertaking on it’s own and considering the walls really aren’t damaged that didn’t feel entirely necessary. With some new paint and filling in the problem areas, this should work just fine.

Again, this is one awkward space to work in. Normally just a step stool is needed, but the ceilings are so high that a full ladder has to be used and that leaves little room to walk around.


Things are starting to look better. The paint looks a little whitish, but it really has a lot more blue in it. It is a bit shiny, but that’s ok.



The trim still needs to be done, but that isn’t a critical component. Running around the small area with a brush is far easier than going over all the walls with a roller. I can use the step stool for the other bits.


Just a shot showing the old color in the corner and the new color on the wall. Clearly that is too small a space for a roller so out comes the brush.

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Painting the bathroom, the last major painting project

So here we are with the last major painting project of the house. With the floors recently finished, we haven’t worked on the house for fear of scuffing those lovely new floors. However, the work must continue and painting the bathroom is one of the last projects. In fact, it’s the last of the large painting projects. It’s also the one that will require the large amount of plastic since spilling a renegade drop of paint on the brand new tiles or grout would be a disaster.

Once the bathroom was taped off, the first order of business was to cover the entire surface with Killz to get rid of the much darker cover. I also have to say, the bathroom is about the most awkward room I have ever painted. It’s quite small and cramped. I actually had to put part of the ladder in the bathtub in order to reach the high places.

It was first trimmed in Killz, then the rest was rolled on. My original intent was to remove the border wallpaper trim that some goof decided to put up. Why do people put wallpaper in the bathroom?

Well, removing that didn’t go so well. Oh it came of with relative ease, but so did the underlying plaster. It all began to crumble and tear off in my hands. I only did a small sample area, but had I kept going, the damage would have been pretty extensive. Time to go with the backup plan.

We had talked about simply painting over the wallpaper if it didn’t come off, or layering over it with spackle. For now, it’s going to be painted. If it looks too obvious, then out comes the spackle.

Unfortunately, the room looks uglier now than when I started. Everything is a patchy white, but that’s to be expected. This is just to get things ready. Tomorrow, the walls will be painted with the same Gravity as the kitchen. It’s still going to be bluish, but a lighter shade. The bathroom is just too damn dark, even with all the white tiles.


Oh hell, I was afraid of this. The wallpaper is literally pulling the plaster off the walls.


Have no fear, a wee bit of spackle and it’ll look like I was never here. I hope.


The bathroom looks pretty splotchy with just a layer of Killz on it. Not a problem, it’s just to help mute the underlying paint and give the new paint something better to stick to. Should look fine when it’s actually painted.


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