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Flaming Pumpkins – The Grinning Jacks

It was a cold night, but nothing warms the place up like a flaming pumpkin. I was once again down at our secret pumpkin burning facility and cooked up these two little rascals. Unfortunately, there wasn’t the usual amount of “oomph” I’m used to, but I think I know why. In the past the rolls have been soaked for hours. And by hours I mean over night. I didn’t have the chance to do that with this batch and I think it shows. It really does take a long time for the liquid to get absorbed into the roll. You can’t just drop it in there and go for broke. It doesn’t have the same effect.

But anyway, based on the limited time I had I still think these came out pretty good. They’re still pretty spectacular even when they’re aren’t quite as spectacular as I would like. I have a reputation to maintain you know.


Flaming_Pumpkins_10-26-2013_106 Flaming_Pumpkins_10-26-2013_118 Flaming_Pumpkins_10-26-2013_127 Flaming_Pumpkins_10-26-2013_129 Flaming_Pumpkins_10-26-2013_130 Flaming_Pumpkins_10-26-2013_137 Flaming_Pumpkins_10-26-2013_146 Flaming_Pumpkins_10-26-2013_150 Flaming_Pumpkins_10-26-2013_151

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Toy Story of Terror


Just earlier today I’d made the comment that TV has changed since I was kid during the Halloween season. It used to be all the major cartoons came out with Halloween themed episodes, whether it be Charlie Brown, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo or the Chipmunks. But they don’t seem to do that anymore. Sure, there are more horror and slash films than you can shake a chainsaw at, but where are the fun seasonal episodes? We only have The Simpson’s and that’s not saying much.

But then I saw ABC had something up their sleeve, The Toy Story of Terror. At first, this sounded like some sort of horrible knockoff, but turns out it’s the real deal. Not only is it put out by Disney and Pixar, it features the main characters and voices from the original stars. Since Toy Story is one of my favorite sets of movies I had to tune in. And what a great little show it was.

The gang is travelling with their new owner Bonnie when bad weather and a flat tire force them to spend the night at a roadside hotel. Does this sound familiar?

While Mom and Bonnie sleep, Potato Head makes a break out of the travel bag to steal some soap and little shampoos from the bathroom. Soon, the gang is being taken one by one by a mysterious force and they have to use their wits to escape.

They find themselves in some scary situations, but they have to face their fears and ultimately realize there is nothing to be scared of. There is a natural explanation for everything.

This episodes packs a few surprises such as a guest appearance by Combat Carl. Remember him from the very first story? The poor chap with the explosive strapped to his back? Not only is Combat Carl voiced by Carl Weather, but his missing hand seems to be vaguely reminiscent of an accident that befell a certain Carl Weathers character in the movie Happy Gilmore. But that’s not the only reference. We obviously have Psycho, And Then There Were None, a reference to the main evil-doer of the second movie and the ubiquitous “I’ll be right back” comment from Buzz (a true no-no for Scream fans).

What a great little movie. Despite the title, there is very little terror. It’s just a cute story about a nefarious eBay seller who’s using the hotel to make some quick money of “lost” items. But just like a Scooby-Doo episode, he gets unmasked in the end by the police. If only there had been a Great Dane in the scene.

Nevertheless, very cute and I’m glad to see the Toy Story character still going strong. I can only hope they do another for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas. Now that would a great treat for everyone.



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My new batch of ZombiePumpkin shirts have arrived

It’s a new year, a new Halloween and time for some new ZombiePumpkin shirts. Like years past, I grabbed the new shirt design from Ryan and ZombiePumpkins. I got both the short and long sleeved versions. This should inspire both jealousy and total confusion in my co-workers.

But really, you can never have too many shirts with pumpkins on them. I’m taking Casual Friday to a whole new level!

image image

Shop the ZombiePumpkins website

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