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Flaming Pumpkins – The Grinning Jacks

It was a cold night, but nothing warms the place up like a flaming pumpkin. I was once again down at our secret pumpkin burning facility and cooked up these two little rascals. Unfortunately, there wasn’t the usual amount of “oomph” I’m used to, but I think I know why. In the past the rolls have been soaked for hours. And by hours I mean over night. I didn’t have the chance to do that with this batch and I think it shows. It really does take a long time for the liquid to get absorbed into the roll. You can’t just drop it in there and go for broke. It doesn’t have the same effect.

But anyway, based on the limited time I had I still think these came out pretty good. They’re still pretty spectacular even when they’re aren’t quite as spectacular as I would like. I have a reputation to maintain you know.


Flaming_Pumpkins_10-26-2013_106 Flaming_Pumpkins_10-26-2013_118 Flaming_Pumpkins_10-26-2013_127 Flaming_Pumpkins_10-26-2013_129 Flaming_Pumpkins_10-26-2013_130 Flaming_Pumpkins_10-26-2013_137 Flaming_Pumpkins_10-26-2013_146 Flaming_Pumpkins_10-26-2013_150 Flaming_Pumpkins_10-26-2013_151

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And then it decided to snow

Well, you don’t see this sort of thing very often, but here it is, snow. In some sort of freak and quick moving storm we got a couple inches of snow. When the weather report said there was a chance, I laughed. They always say that and they always get it wrong. They miss by miles or their massive snow storm turns into nothing but rain and a dip in the temperature. But this time it really did snow.

And what a pretty thing it was. Big, heavy flakes that stacked up within minutes. For a couple of hours it looked like a real snow flurry out there. The sky was streaked with white and the ground quickly disappeared. Before we knew it, the ground was covered and a heavy blanket coated the trees. It was pretty spectacular.

The dogs wanted to go out and play in it. Well, at least one of them did. The Chihuahua was scared and confused as to why she was getting wet and cold. Not big fans of the snow those little dogs.

What’s ironic is that we were about to come up with a dinner plan and head out somewhere. But when the snow comes down the doors close on every business out there. Not going anywhere tonight!

Oh well, it’s very pretty stuff! And the best part is, it will only last until the end of the day tomorrow, if that long. As soon as the sun comes out it will start to disappear. That’s my kind of snow storm!


Snow_in_February_005 Snow_in_February_011

Snow_in_February_025 Snow_in_February_049

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Bonaventure Cemetery

Bonaventure is a place I’ve wanted to visit for nearly a decade. My friend Randy and I talked about it years ago before he moved to Arizona. He’d been there and spoke very highly of it. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Bonaventure until the last day we were there, and by then we were running late to get back home. But even in that short time to say the place is breathtaking is an understand. It’s is indeed gorgeous. The trees covered in Spanish moss and the sago palms make it a spectacular setting. It’s an extremely large place as well. It would take hours, perhaps even days to make your way around to everything. I can see exactly why the Bird Girl statue was a chance discovery. The place is so massive and there is so much to see that you could walk right past it and not even notice.

But here are a few pictures featuring the trees, the statues and the memorial for Johnny Mercer.

Savannah_1-19-2012_165 Savannah_1-19-2012_167 Savannah_1-19-2012_169 Savannah_1-19-2012_173 Savannah_1-19-2012_176 Savannah_1-19-2012_179 Savannah_1-19-2012_185

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