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End of the year, a look back

Wow, has it been a year already? It was this time last year where I was making my commitment to exercise more and lose weight. And I stuck to that goal and more!

I lost 60 pounds. I rode in my first 100km ride. I started going out on group rides. And above all I’ve kept the weight off for an entire year, no problem. It’s been a lot of work that’s for sure. Putting on weight is easy, you just have to sit there. Keeping the weight off takes a lot of energy!

As for Donna, she’s cranked out a bunch of 5k, 8k and 10k runs! She’s been running outside, working the treadmill and laying down some miles on the bike. I am in awe of what she’s accomplished this year. And her goals for 2010 are even more lofty! A half marathon and then a full marathon. Throw into that mix some triathlons and some long bike rides with me and she is just an exercising fiend!

So what’s in store for 2010 for me? I’m determined to go back to the Virginia Creep and ride the whole thing. Multiple times if I can get away with it. I want to ride my first full Century some time next year too. Donna and I have been toying with the idea of doing the Cycle Carolina ride with Edie (if she can put up with us). There is even talk of trying to get invited onto or make up our own team for the 24 hours of Booty. And to keep up with all this riding I would really like to get a new bike next year; one that is fitted more to my size and how I ride. I’m still reeling from the sticker shock of my grand bike plan so I guess I need to tone things down and be more realistic with my needs. Either that or hold up a bank.

There is a lot on the books for 2010, but I’m exceeding pleased with what Donna and I have done and the ground we’ve covered. It’s amazing how different our lives are, while still being exactly the same.

Here’s to 2010!

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Ramblin Rose Triathlon 2009

Ramblin Rose has got to be one of the most exciting and supportive events out there. The way everyone comes together to cheer each other on and offer support is just a pleasure to watch. Even though it was rainy and soggy, the crowd was massive with probably a thousand competitors out there. And hey, you start off in the pool, who cares if you’re wet?

Unlike other events, when people are done, instead of packing up and going home, they come back and join the crowd (which was huge!) in clapping and encouraging people to keep going. And even though we men aren’t allowed to participate (which is a good thing mind you) we certainly come out in force to take pictures of our athletes! Like myself, just about every guy out there had a camera in hand and was telling his kids to yell for mommy as she swam, biked or ran by. How mom gets that perfect smile and wave going still remains a mystery to me. I had my kids out there too! But this time, it wasn’t just for Donna, our daughter Zoe actually completed her first triathlon today. She is 17 and not only is this her first event, she went all in and made it a triathlon.

They had slightly different start times with Donna getting in the pool 10 minutes after Zoe. Zoe breezed through the swimming then hit the racks for the bike ride. Donna managed to catch her on the biking portion and the two of them came in for the run portion at basically the same time. Not to be rude, but you think you could spread out your arrival times a little next time? Taking pictures like that is hard on me! :)

By the time they headed out for the run they were going at the same pace and finished it up together. They both had pretty impressive times (although we aren’t sure of the final time since they haven’t been posted). I think it’s impressive since I’m not doing that running portion. No way.

As soon as the race came to an end the sun started to come out and the clouds began to break up. Coincidence? Mother Nature knows who to take care of.

After watching, our 16 year son told me he thought he and I needed to participate in a triathlon or at least try a 30 mile bike ride together. Check out that peer pressure in action! Looks like I need to get him suited up and on a bike. I don’t think he would have any problem with a 30 mile ride, so it looks like I need to find one of those for next year. There’s plenty to choose from that’s for sure.

But what a great event! Yeah, I’m jealous.

Check out some of these pictures of mother and daughter kicking ass at the Ramblin Rose Triathlon!

Ramblin_Rose_2009_198 Ramblin_Rose_2009_022 Ramblin_Rose_2009_058 Ramblin_Rose_2009_066 Ramblin_Rose_2009_078 Ramblin_Rose_2009_084 Ramblin_Rose_2009_131 Ramblin_Rose_2009_189

And as a side note, this was Donna’s big event back in 2008. This was her line in the sand so to speak and the progress has been outstanding! Have at a look these two pictures from last year and from today. Ironically she’s wearing the same damn outfit! Boy, I hope she washed it…

d2008 d2009

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Ramblin Rose 2009

It’s a bit soggy out there but I think we might just get away with it. The bikes are packed and we are headed for Huntersville. This is such a great event. The support and enthusiasm are off the charts! Here’s to hoping the rain holds off until the end, but they start off inthe pool so it’s not like they aren’t wet anyway, right?

Ramblin Rose was Donna’s first big event in 2008 so it’s going to be very exciting to see how she’s progressed since then. That was also 90 pounds ago!

Coincidentally this will be Zoe’s first big event and her first triathlon ever! Let’s hope she has a great time out there. I’m very proud she’s out there participating!

Me and the boys will be cheering from the sidelines!

Come on ladies!!

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