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Irish Red is in the bottles

My last batch of beer is in the bottles and will hopefully carbonate correctly. I’ve had a couple of problems in the past with the beer coming out flat and I’m not sure why. It all tastes fine, but the bubbles simply aren’t there.

This batch is resting in the beer closet so let’s hope for the best.


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Irish Red for the Holidays

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve gotten behind the kettle and made beer. The temperatures were too damn hot to get anything to cool down in a reasonable amount of time. I bought an Irish Red 6 months ago, right before the temperatures went through the roof. It’s been sitting and waiting for me brew it up.

Well, with the temperature dropping to a lovely 60 degrees, it’s the perfect time to make that batch. Considering where we are in the year and how long it will take to ferment and mature, we’re at the right spot to have this beer ready by the time we hit Christmas.

The aroma of the Irish Red is wonderful in my opinion. It’s sweet and light and has a fragrance of a delicious tea, which is in essence what it is right now. The boil and steeping went extremely well. The yeast is in the carboy and the first signs of fermentation can be seen. It looks like this will be a really good Christmas batch.


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Here we have the DME and grains steeping nicely, followed by cooling off the wort and then straining.

Next we have filling the carboy while Addie anxiously awaits for this batch to be done. And finally a full 5 gallons of Irish Red.

It looks very good.

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More beer than I know what to do with

I’ve got more beer than I know what to do with. Is that even something you should say? I have 20 gallons of beer ready to go into bottles, but I don’t have enough bottles to take it all. I’ve made a major miscalculation. I thought I had a slew of empty bottles in the garage. Much to my surprise they aren’t. They are in fact full of beer. Half my bottles haven’t been touched yet. I have nearly two dozen bottles of Summer Wheat, 16 1-liter bottles of Ginger Beer, 16 1-liter bottles of German Hefeweizen plus another 12 16oz bottles, 16 1-liter bottles of Belligerent SOB and 12 16oz bottles of that too. Good heavens! This stuff was all sitting on the other side of the garage and I didn’t know I had it.

Clearly I’m need to invite some friends over and get them drunk.

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