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FocusWriter Theme – Pumpkin Patch #2

Just a variation on a theme

I was sort of on a roll and with the call of the crow right outside my window I decided to make another. Here’s a batch of pumpkins ready to decorate your workspace and help get those haunted stories onto the page.



pumpkins-2[1] – FocusWriter Theme – Pumpkin Patch #2

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FocusWriter Theme – Pumpkin Patch

Summer’s going fast

Nights growing colder

The season has definitely started to change and we’re getting into my favorite time of year. The weather settles down, the colors brighten, the biking is fantastic and just around the corner is Halloween. And that of course means pumpkins. I thought I’d make a quick theme featuring some of the orange beauties. This is a shot I took several years ago at a local pumpkin patch. It was basically a sea of orange. So let’s kick things off with some Halloween festivities. Soon the Great Pumpkin will appear and I want to have the most sincere pumpkin waiting.

pumpkins[1] – FocusWriter Theme – Pumpkin Patch

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FocusWriter Theme – Ode to WordPerfect

I’m not quite sure how I got on this path, but it was indeed a trip down memory lane. I dare say anyone who was around a computer in the mid 80s is intimately familiar with the blue background and the gray text. You couldn’t walk past a keyboard without seeing that paper shortcut template taped to the keyboard. If there was a copy of DOS, there was a copy of WordPerfect.

And as I put this theme together, I came across the history of WordPerfect as written by Pete Peterson, the Executive Vice President. He starts at the company making $5 an hour and rides the wave until the company has $150 million in cash, $100 million in property assets and 4,000 employees. But we all know how the story ends. A few poor business decisions later and WordPerfect is but a mere memory. It still exists in the form of WordPerfect X6, which I plan to download and investigate further, but it’s usage is minor compared to the glory days. The computer industry can be a savage beast some times.

But anyway, enjoy the nostalgia. There’s also a DOS VGA font you can use to give this theme a more authentic look.


wordperfect[1] – FocusWriter Theme WordPerfect5.1 – Perfect DOS VGA 437 – Perfect DOS VGA 437 local download – Almost Perfect – The Rise and Fall of WordPerfect

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