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Here is my drive cluster

He who dies with the most hard drives win. so here it is, my hard drive cluster. This is a series of external drives by Seagate and Western Digital, including my new 4TB drive by Seagate. For one particular machine it’s a total of 11 external drives and 2 internal drives all totaling 23TB of hard drive space. There is a secondary machine with an additional 6GB of space inside of it. I bought 2x3TB Seagate Barracudas for that machine. If you add up all the drives, it’s 30TB.

So why do I need all that space? I think the better question is, why not? All these drives constitute a massive media collection including thousands of photos from my cameras, my entire DVD collection in ISO and MP4 format, all my music in MP3 format, hundreds of gigs worth of cycling videos and tours, (Tour de France, Tour Down Under, Paris-Nice, etc) hundreds of gigs worth of Virtual Machines for VirtualBox (Windows 2008 R2, Exchange 2010, Windows 2003 Web Edition) and a couple of drives used as backups.

Yeah, it’s a lot of hard drive space, but in this crazy mixed up digital world of ours, a few terabytes doesn’t last as long as it used to.


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Hello 4TB, it’s nice to meet you

The battle of the 4TB drives is already starting. Amazon put the Seagate 4TB External drive on sale and I just had to get one. It’s not just a matter of what, I need more hard drive space. Between the Virtual Machines, the DVDRips, the music collection and ISO images I simply don’t have enough space to store everything.

My movie collection is pushing the limits as it is. I’m converting all my DVDs over to the MP4 format so I can play them on the Mac and the iPad. AVI is great, but MP4 is taking over. Plus, I like the format. The goal is to copy everything to a drive then share that drive out so that all my movies are at the ready. It’s not a hard process, but it takes a lot of space.

I need to be a little more judicious about deleting files and cleaning my hard drives, but in the mean time this should last me awhile. At least until the next sale anyway.

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Time for a Velociraptor

When you work with a bunch of IT guys you’ll come across some interesting items up for sale. Today, it’s a 600GB Velociraptor. Everyone can use more hard drive space and it’s even better when it spins at 10,000 RPM. A guy I work with got this for a steal, but he’s going with a different computer build and doesn’t need this anymore. I’ll take that thank you very much. It may not be as quick as SSD, but it’s pretty close and holds 6 times as much.

Now, which machine should it go in?

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