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Pumpkin Templates – Zombie Hello Kitty, Bloody Mary, Dexter

I’ve been sawing away at the pumpkins and here are three of my latest creations – Zombie Hello Kitty, Bloody Mary and Dexter. There are no pictures of these beauties engulfed in fire since it’s been either too windy or too rainy for such antics. Instead, I proudly displayed them outside my office at work and got plenty of compliments.

Tonight I’ll be gutting four huge pumpkins I just bought from the local farmer. They weight about 25lbs each and I had to pay for them by the pound. I’m keeping all the seeds so hopefully next year I’ll have my own pumpkin patch.

Anyway, here’s my latest carvings.

Flaming-Pumpkins-10-29-2010_007 Flaming-Pumpkins-10-29-2010_015 Flaming-Pumpkins-10-29-2010_026

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Flaming Pumpkins – Iron Man and Killer Klown

It’s time for another round of pumpkin carving. On the chopping block we have Iron Man and Killer Klown. I have a feeling Tony Stark would throw down against this clown. However, when things get heated Iron Man looses his cool and his battle armor starts to show some weaknesses. He doesn’t last too long in this death match!

Another very fun night of the pumpkin carving!





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Flaming Pumpkins – Old Hag and El Chupacabra

Here’s some more of my pumpkins that met a fiery end last night. As usual, the flames were pretty high and quite spectacular. I have to say the pumpkin was less than cooperative. I thought I had thinned the walls down sufficiently, but it was still quite difficult to cut through. The rind was a bit more fibrous than I had anticipated. It didn’t lend itself to well to my cutting technique.

In the end I think it all worked out. I like these two patterns. They were pretty straight forward and the cuts were relatively easy. Strangely, El Chupacabra bares a striking resemblance to my dog…

Anyway, here a couple more of my pumpkin cutting adventures for this Halloween season.


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