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Paprika for iPad, Windows and Mac – Easy to catalog recipes, shopping list and now a big discount

Since we’re in the full swing of the holiday season, it’s appropriate to bring up another stellar iOS app that has both Windows and Mac equivalents. Paprika is a recipe box app that I bought a few years ago. In fact, I think I picked up a copy within a day or two of it’s initial release. For some strange reason, recipe apps were all but nonexistent for the iPad, which just struck me as odd since the iPad is a perfect cooking companion.

Paprika stepped in with the ability to create a recipe database. It was basically just a shell to give you a place to store ingredients and instructions. On the surface it seemed far to simple, but in reality it was incredibly flexible and powerful.

We now jump ahead a couple of years and not only has the app grown more powerful, there are now versions that run on most platforms. And like Notebooks, Paprika looks and runs the same across different platforms so you don’t have to deal with oddities just because you switched to a different device.

The big features of Paprika are the fact that you can import recipes from multiple sources, you can copy recipes directly from websites wherein Paprika will understand the different sections and set up the recipe correctly, you can set up recipes on your desktop machine and sync them to your device (and vice versa) and you can set up shopping lists using both ingredients needed for the recipes you have planned using the meal planner as well as adding your own items that have nothing to do with cooking such as shampoo. This means you can now put together a shopping list on any computer or device and then have that list with you when you’re actually in the store. I’ve had a couple of different shopping list apps (Shopper being one of the best) and following a list saves a whole lot of time and money at the store.

You could also have someone fill out a shopping list for you on their copy of Paprika and send it over to you so there is no guesswork about which items you need to pick up.

Anyway, I’ve had Paprika by my side for a few years now and like I said, there is now a Windows and Mac version. Better still, all versions are on sale. There is a 50% discount across the board. The iPad app is only $2.99 while the desktop versions are a mere $9.99 each. Further, the desktop versions allow you to install on 3 separate machines which is a great deal. Ironically, I paid $9.99 when Paprika first came out for the iPad.

Paprika is the type of app you can use on a regular basis. You can now plan out meals and put together shopping lists with ease. It works great with the iPad Mini which is what I take to the store with me. Even if you only do a little bit of cooking, Paprika is an app I highly recommend you have by your side.

Paprika Recipe Manager on sale for a 50% discount


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An alternative to OneNote with AllMyNotes Organizer

I recently wrote of my waning interest in Microsoft Word. It’s too big, it’s too bulky and has so many features I simply don’t use. With that in mind I’ve been using OneNote for a lot more of my writing. It’s excellent for writing down my ideas and having them on the screen as I write. But, OneNote isn’t exactly cheap and the latest versions, specifically OneNote 2013 are awful.

With that I mind I went searching for some alternative and found something I think is really good. AllMyNotes Organizer is a nice Rich Text Editor that features the ability to create a tree structure with folders and subfolders, search, alarms/reminders and multiple projects open at the same time.

Just like OneNote it’s very useful for gathering up ideas and having them on the same page as what you’re writing. You can capture web pages, images, insert documents and have everything collated together for your subject. I’ve been using it at work to write notes about the technical issues I’m working on.

Like OneNote it uses the single database format to store all your items together. This makes it easy to store on a thumbdrive or Dropbox. It also has a nice AutoSave feature that kicks in on whatever schedule you choose as well as saving when the document your working on loses focus. Seems pretty unlikely you’re going to lose any of your work.

It doesn’t have all the features such as on-the-fly spell checking, although it will manually do it, and it doesn’t support the multiple “text boxes” that OneNote uses. I miss that feature since it allows me to have all my ideas and my actual article right next to each other. But then again, I don’t know of another app that does let you work that way.

But anyway, it’s still a great note taking tool with formatting, task list, rich text editor, a nice tree structure, text export and lots of other goodies. It’s great for taking notes while you work as well as writing down story ideas. Might come in handy for the month of November.

And I even have a sweet deal to pass along. How about a 71% off Coupon to purchase the full version? There is indeed a free version, but at this price there’s no reason not to get the Deluxe version.

Instead of the normal $34 price tag, which is still significantly cheaper than OneNote, you can get AllMyNotes for a mere $9.86. Just type in INDIA71 (it has to be all caps) to get $24 off. This price is good for the rest of the month and like I said, it could help with your novel writing this month.

And they have an excellent licensing system. You can use AllMyNotes on as many machines as you like as long as you’re the one using it. There is also a portable edition so you can always have a copy with you. I like their style!

Try it out and let me know what you think!

AllMyNotes Organizer



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Save $40 on Audials One 10 with coupon code ADUGSAVE

Audials One is the tool I used to download the entire Tour de France 2013 to my machine. It was able to capture files that were 7-10GB in size and several hours long. I’m still watching the stages even though the Tour is over.

And now, you can have the full blown Audials One 10, which contains Tunebite, Radiotracker, Movieraptor and Mediaraptor all in one package. This lets you record movies, search for music, convert between video and audio formats and even rip DVDs. It’s an impressive piece of software to be sure.

Avanquest sent me a coupon to save a massive $40 off the retail price. You can get Audials One for just $19. That’s the full version with all the bells and whistles. Plus, you can install Audials to multiple machines with the same key. You just can’t run multiple copies at the same time. So don’t worry about using it on a desktop and home machine. That’s covered with the single registration.

Go to Avanquest, add Audials One to the cart and use the coupon code ADUGSAVE to save $40. Or you can click the link below to have it added automatically. This is an amazing deal. I got my copy for $44 which I thought was good. This is half off from even that.

Audials One 10 for $19 at Avanquest

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