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And then it decided to snow

Well, you don’t see this sort of thing very often, but here it is, snow. In some sort of freak and quick moving storm we got a couple inches of snow. When the weather report said there was a chance, I laughed. They always say that and they always get it wrong. They miss by miles or their massive snow storm turns into nothing but rain and a dip in the temperature. But this time it really did snow.

And what a pretty thing it was. Big, heavy flakes that stacked up within minutes. For a couple of hours it looked like a real snow flurry out there. The sky was streaked with white and the ground quickly disappeared. Before we knew it, the ground was covered and a heavy blanket coated the trees. It was pretty spectacular.

The dogs wanted to go out and play in it. Well, at least one of them did. The Chihuahua was scared and confused as to why she was getting wet and cold. Not big fans of the snow those little dogs.

What’s ironic is that we were about to come up with a dinner plan and head out somewhere. But when the snow comes down the doors close on every business out there. Not going anywhere tonight!

Oh well, it’s very pretty stuff! And the best part is, it will only last until the end of the day tomorrow, if that long. As soon as the sun comes out it will start to disappear. That’s my kind of snow storm!


Snow_in_February_005 Snow_in_February_011

Snow_in_February_025 Snow_in_February_049

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Where did all this snow come from?

The threat of snow causes quite a bit of panic and chaos in these parts, but that’s what we had last night. And low and behold, right after they sent us home early the snow started coming down. It was a light one, but it last all night, and now we have about 4 inches on the ground. And not that powdery stuff you can’t do anything with. This is the thick heavy snow. The kind that you can build a manly snowman with. Or pack a deadly snowball that could send someone head first into the ground.

Now the funny thing is, even though the ground is covered, this still will only for a couple of hours. It’s already melting and you can hear it runoff coming off the houses. That’s what’s great about these little blizzards; you get this great snowfall that covers everything, but in a few hours it’s all gone and life goes back to normal.



Snow_Storm_2-14-2010_019 Snow_Storm_2-14-2010_021


Snow_Storm_2-14-2010_041 Snow_Storm_2-14-2010_058

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