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Liquid Story Binder – 70% Off – $13.78

Bits-Dujour is having a massive sale on Liquid Story Binder. You can buy it today for a mere $13.78. That’s 70% off the retail price of $45.95. That is one hell of a savings. If you’ve been looking to try out this program and get on with organizing your documents and doing some distraction free writing, you can’t beat this price!

Liquid Story Binder – 70% Off – $13.78


Aspiring and accomplished writers alike know that disorganized thoughts can be a maddening hindrance to creativity. Especially when all of those disorganized thoughts are spread across a maelstrom of notebooks, Word files, post-it’s, emails, magazine margins, storyboard sketches, and whatever else.

Liquid Story Binder is uniquely designed for authors, poets, writers, and novelists. No matter what your ability level, Liquid Story Binder will provide you with the tools you need to create, outline, organize, timeline, revise, storyboard, conceive, diagram, and format your work.

It even includes a built-in audio recorder in case you want to listen to the pacing and phrasing of a particular section, paragraph, or sentence!

Liquid Story Binder is completely customizable. Choose a color scheme that suits you, save window positions and open files, create workspaces, open dozens of windows simultaneously or just a simple textbox centered in the screen… it’s up to you, your comfort zone, and your writing style!

Can’t remember where you wrote that important paragraph? A Universal Search feature makes finding it a snap. Search every Chapter, Note, Builder, Timeline, Storyboard, Outline, Dossier, Sequence and Backup for a single lost word or phrase. Plus, the Repetition Visualizer helps you to find and weed out repetitive words and phrases, at-a-glance!

Extremely adaptable, Liquid Story Binder utilizes common TXT, RTF, and ZIP file formats, guaranteeing future access. It can be stored and executed off of a portable USB drive, and automatically creates an easy-to-access backup file with an entry for each day’s changes.

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ZoneAlarm Pro 2010 Free for 24 Hours Only

Don’t you hate it when a free offer turns out to be “too good to be true”? Or worse, the no-cost offer is actually some kind of come-on that leads to spyware or malware being downloaded on to your PC?

Now, for something completely different: a really SAFE and FREE offer – for one day only Check Point is giving away ZoneAlarm Pro 2010, the advanced firewall solution designed to stop attacks that anti-virus alone misses. But that’s not it, to sweeten the deal and ensure consumers stay safe and secure during tax season, ZoneAlarm partnered with Intersections Inc. to offer Identity Guard® Basic ProtectionSM, a fundamental package of identity theft protection services and solutions.

The promotion will begin on Tuesday, April 13, starting at 6 a.m. PDT., and will last for 24 hours, running concurrently with Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday. Consumers can get this free protection, worth over $120, by going to: ZoneAlarm will also offer an early promotion to existing and new Facebook fans at:

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My favorite apps of 2009

Since everyone else is listing their favorite apps for 2009, I thought I would go ahead and throw in my .02 cents worth. There’s tons of good software out there, but this is the list of stuff I pretty much use everyday. I use these at home and at work.

Microsoft OneNote 2007
Microsoft LiveWriter

I obviously use WordPress on a daily basis for my blogs and Live Writer is one of the best tools for publishing articles. It might be a couple years old now but OneNote is one of the handiest apps I’ve used in a long time. Grabbing notes from the web and compiling research is a breeze with it. And Notepad++ is the best plain text editor out there.

Corel Paint Shop Pro X2
Adobe Lightroom 2
FastStone Image Viewer

These are the graphics apps I use pretty much every day. Irfanview is my primary viewer and FastStone is a great folder viewer. For simple editing PSP is so easy to work with and Lightroom is amazing when it comes to working with photos.

Firefox 3
Internet Privacy Pro
Web Developer Toolbar
Feedreader 3

Firefox is my choice in browser since it gets updated every few weeks versus the years it takes Microsoft to update IE. Digsby has become my choice for IM client since it connects to multiple services at one time and has tons of features. I really can’t live without Roboform these days. I now have hundreds of logins stored in it (and I have it on the iPod too!). Internet Privacy Pro cleans up all the cookies and left over temp files while Firebug and the Web Developer Toolbar let me debug web pages with ease. Everybody working on the web is using Firebug aren’t they? I would be totally lost without Feedreader. Not only can it fetch the latest articles from RSS feeds, but it can scans the web looking for articles that match my specific keyword search. And finally there’s Dropbox which is an incredibly easy way to sync files across multiple machines. I use it all everyday to sync my OneNote files between work and home. I can find articles, paste links for sites, work on Word docs or drop files I need to work on in the folder and they’re always available. Very cool and totally free.


AnyDVD is the only way to get your DVDs on to your media center. CloneDVD just makes it all the easier. CloneDVDMobile gets DVDs onto my iPod with just a couple of clicks and Handbrake makes it easy to convert my AVIs to MP4s so I can play them on the iPod. Handbrake can convert from DVD to MP4, but my machine hasn’t had much luck with it.

O&O DiskImage
O&O MediaRecovery

Windowblinds and ObjectDesktop offer tons of tools and enhancements to Windows. Make it look better, make apps easier to launch, tweak the settings and clean up the desktop. Some of it’s just for fun, but there is still a lot of power in the tools they make.

7-Zip is a great open source way to handle Zip and Rar files. For backups and file recovery, O&O makes some of the best tools out there. They’re small and fast and do a great job of imaging drives and finding lost/damaged files.

New Graphics Apps
DxO 6

These are some new apps I’m trying out this year. I got DxO at version 4 and thought it was pretty good, but seriously lacked some camera support. Version 6 seems to pick up the slack and offer lots of new cameras and bodies, as well as new features for adjusting pictures. I got it for a great price so I’m willing to give this new version another chance.

Artisteer is a new app I bought for making WordPress themes. For the most part I have been very impressed with it. I made a bunch of themes for Halloween and even a couple for Christmas. Making themes is incredibly easy, but it does have a cookie cutter sort of feel to it. It’s a little on the expensive side, but it let’s me swap out themes whenever I want without having to spend hours searching the web. Plus, the code is easily modified so I can make adjustments where I see fit.

Like I said, this isn’t every software program I use, that list would be unruly, but these represent the apps I use all the time. When I build a new machine these are the first apps to go on. I’m sure some of you are using a few of them yourselves. If you’ve got a favorite app, let me know, I’m always on the lookout for useful utilities.

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