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Liquid Story Binder – 70% Off – $13.78

Bits-Dujour is having a massive sale on Liquid Story Binder. You can buy it today for a mere $13.78. That’s 70% off the retail price of $45.95. That is one hell of a savings. If you’ve been looking to try out this program and get on with organizing your documents and doing some distraction free writing, you can’t beat this price!

Liquid Story Binder – 70% Off – $13.78


Aspiring and accomplished writers alike know that disorganized thoughts can be a maddening hindrance to creativity. Especially when all of those disorganized thoughts are spread across a maelstrom of notebooks, Word files, post-it’s, emails, magazine margins, storyboard sketches, and whatever else.

Liquid Story Binder is uniquely designed for authors, poets, writers, and novelists. No matter what your ability level, Liquid Story Binder will provide you with the tools you need to create, outline, organize, timeline, revise, storyboard, conceive, diagram, and format your work.

It even includes a built-in audio recorder in case you want to listen to the pacing and phrasing of a particular section, paragraph, or sentence!

Liquid Story Binder is completely customizable. Choose a color scheme that suits you, save window positions and open files, create workspaces, open dozens of windows simultaneously or just a simple textbox centered in the screen… it’s up to you, your comfort zone, and your writing style!

Can’t remember where you wrote that important paragraph? A Universal Search feature makes finding it a snap. Search every Chapter, Note, Builder, Timeline, Storyboard, Outline, Dossier, Sequence and Backup for a single lost word or phrase. Plus, the Repetition Visualizer helps you to find and weed out repetitive words and phrases, at-a-glance!

Extremely adaptable, Liquid Story Binder utilizes common TXT, RTF, and ZIP file formats, guaranteeing future access. It can be stored and executed off of a portable USB drive, and automatically creates an easy-to-access backup file with an entry for each day’s changes.

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FocusWriter – Another awesome full screen editor

I’ve started using another full screen editor called FocusWriter and I’m totally smitten with it. Like ZenWriter it fulls up the entire screen, which gives me this wonderful writing environment. Right now it has an Edgar Allan Poe inspired theme complete with full moon, scraggly trees and a place for the raven to sit. The main difference is this app has on the fly spell-check. Like Word, it underlines the word when it detects a problem. It also has an auto-hide menu bar at the top and an auto-hide status bar at the bottom that keeps track of characters, words, paragraphs and pages. It also has goal markers that keep track of when you hit your word or character limit for the day.

FocusWriter also supports themes, which you can make or download. I think this "Midnight Dreary" theme is a fantastic combination of dark background and subdued text color. I like the fact that you can have multiple tabs open at the same time. But the feature set is still lean. There are still only basic menus, no grammar check, no silly tables, no scrollbars, no graphics or Table of Contents. Formatting is for other apps, this one is about writing.

I really like these full screen editors. I love how they set a mood and block out everything else. I think ZenWriter is awesome, but this FocusWriter adds just a couple of niceties that make me like it a little bit more. I might change my mind again, but I think I found my new writing environment.


Look at this screen. That’s nice.


FocusWriter Themes

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ZenWriter – Writing without a net

A week ago I’d never heard of ZenWriter. Now I seem to use it for all my writing and turn my back on Word every chance I get. I’d heard of the concept of full screen, distraction free editors, but never looked into them. By happenstance, ZenWriter was on sale at BitsDuJour. I was immediately intrigued and downloaded a copy. I liked the idea right off the bat, then when I configured the background wallpaper and muted it with the "Night" setting I stared in awe. How could a word processor looked so beautiful? I’m so used to that stupid white page and blue background that it was almost unsettling to see something else. It was just so foreign after all these years. But what an idea!

The screen is dark and the text is white. There aren’t any menus. There’s no formatting hassles to get in the way. There’s no grammar check. There’s not even a right click option. There aren’t any scrollbars either. There’s nothing but a blank page waiting for me to fill it up. It’s a strange feeling to work completely without a net. There’s nothing on the screen to say you misspelled a word or used the wrong one. I have to rely on myself. It’s sort of nerve-wracking to be honest. But without all those visual distractions I can really focus in and write with reckless abandon.

I’ve been desperately trying to make Word work this way for months and just can’t do it. I did find a way to turn off the ribbon bar and all the menus so you can write in a full screen editor, but the outlying page is still that craptacular blue that I just can’t stand anymore. I can change the color of the page or make it a image, but it just isn’t the same. It doesn’t have anywhere the same look and feel. With all hundreds of megs of space Word is taking up on my drive and in memory, you would think someone would have written a couple of lines of codes to make a proper set of "color schemes". It’s 2011 and the best I can do is color it blue, silver or black. Thanks for all the choices!

This ZenWriter is lovely, it really is. It’s about as stripped down as you can get, but that is strangely appealing. It might be silly, but the visual appeal of the page makes me want to stay on it and keep writing. I miss AutoCorrect and grammar checking, but ZenWriter has its own appeal keeps me coming back to it.

Does anyone else use one of the distraction free editors? Is there any way to get the same look and feel when using Word?



Look at that screen! It’s lovely!

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