Halloween Tricks and Treats

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October is one of my favorite months of the year. Besides the weather getting colder, the beautiful changing of the leaves and the warm and fun colors of fall season, we also get my favorite little holiday, Halloween.

I get to create wild and crazy decorations to scare the kids, watch all sorts of trashy movies, play with goo and creepy things and not get in trouble. And now I get to set my pumpkins ablaze like never before.

This is my little Halloween gallery full of pictures from the pumpkin patch and other festive holiday decorations. Lots of images of pumpkins, cornstalks, funny faces and fun goodies.

And for this year I have something completely new. I now have images of my flaming pumpkins! I can now light up my scary creations with three foot flames shooting out of their heads. They have a spectacular glow and they look completely ominous and diabolical as they sit there spewing fire. My first test was a single pumpkin which looked really impressive. I then moved up to three pumpkins at one time which looks like trinity of unholy minions. The heat and light they give off is amazing!

I will be adding images all the way up to Halloween. There are still plenty of pumpkins to buy, patches to visit and scary creations to come up with. I think this year will be quite the spectacle!
Halloween Pumpkins 
A few Halloween images. Some fun holiday pictures from the pumpkin patch. Pumpkins, cornstalks, gourds and other fun things.
Flaming Halloween Pumpkin Test 
My diabolical flaming pumpkin. This single jack-o-lantern shoots a flame out of his head three feet high! He's a bit hot tempered!
Flaming Halloween Pumpkin 2 
Not content with just one flaming minion, I created my own little hell bent army! I now have the Unholy Pumpkin Trinity at my disposal! They curse the night and look for unsuspecting victims!
Flaming Halloween Pumpkin 3
Some more flaming pumpkin fun. This time faster shutter speeds rather than all long exposures. Some interesting rolls and loops to the flames.
Flaming Halloween Pumpkins
More experiments with the flaming undead!
Flaming Halloween Pumpkins
I went all out on this one and torched 6 pumpkins at one time. It's a pretty impressive display!
Kang Halloween Flaming Pumpkin
The 2008 light show has begun, the first pumpkin sacrifice of the year!
2008 Flaming Halloween Pumpkins 2
More carvings, more flame.
Church at night
A church takes on an interesting color and glow late at night
Halloween Flaming Pumpkin-3
He's a fiery little devil. This is your pumpkin. This is your pumpkin, ON FIRE!
2008 Flaming Halloween Pumpkins
May the pumpkin spirits rest in peace.
halloween 2009 flaming pumpkin set 1
Oh yes! The first one for 2009! This thing went off like a shot!
Tallahassee from Zombieland
It's Tallahassee from Zombieland. Don't worry he goes up in flames.
My Gargoyle and Melting Skull burning away in the night!
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man - On Fire!
A big Halloween Finale! Mr Stay Puft, Pretty Poison, Worm Food and Gelatin Skeleon
A new batch of flaming
pumpkins for the year.
Here we have Hellion Gargoyle and Tongue Lashing
More fiery goodness. This time we have Old Hag and El Chupacabra
Another set of flaming pumpkins, Iron Man and Killer Klown
It's Halloween Night! Time to appease the Great Pumpkin. Old Hag, Gelatin Skeleton and Dragon Flight.

Arizona Travel | General Gallery 1Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens
Motorsports - Track Events - Driver's Ed | Halloween Tricks and Treats