My Little Ghost Town - Part 2

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I just had to go back and look around some more. This place just fascinates me. The more I see the more I wonder what used to go on there. A swing set, lost teddy bears, broken and rusty bicycles, even and old field plow lost amongst the trees. I guess it's my Ghost Town. It's all been sitting there for heaven knows how long. Baking in the sun. Rusting in the rain. I wonder who owns the place and why is it all still standing? Is it a legacy? Part of their heritage? Or just too lazy to scrap it all away.

But I find it to be so neat. The old swing set that been idle for who knows how long. The mason jars with who knows what inside. I'm gonna take a guess and say Okra. (Not the TV talk show host either). The rusty serrated saw blade. If it even is a saw blade. It could be to some machine for all I know. Even the barb wire still hold firm even though it has nothing to keep out or in these days.

It's funny to think all of this sits within a few yards of all new housing developments and traffic rushing by even though all of this was here first. It's something you would expect to see out in the west in some abandoned gold mining town.

The one thing that really does surprise me, I haven't seen a grave marker. With everything else out there and the state of decay it's the one thing I thought I would have come across by now.

Or maybe I just have to keep looking.

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