Snow Storm - North Carolina 2007

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A freak little snow storm came through town. It doesn't snow too much here in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, but when it does, it's a beautiful thing. The flakes are the kind you see in the painting, thick and fluffy that slowly drift to the ground. It was a gorgeous day and I took some time out to grab pictures with the Rebel XTI and the Sigma 105mm macro lens.

It's also a great snow for the kids. You can make great snowmen and the sledding is excellent. You have to be quick though. It doesn't last very long. As I was taking these pictures it was already starting to rain and melt the snow away. By the next morning it was all gone as though nothing had ever happened.

I really like the Sigma 105mm. It gives great detail for the macro shots and gives a smooth soft focus (bokeh) to the background. I didn't get a chance to use the tripod like I wanted too, but overall I am pretty happy with these shots.

There is something about the water drops on the tips of the plants that really entertained me today.