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Welcome to my photo gallery! I have set aside several galleries which show a progression of my work. I have included some sports photos, photos I’ve taken from my trips out west to Arizona, photos I’ve taken of the Carolina PCA track events and a large collection of botanical flowers. And there are some general photos, things I thought were interesting or had a unique look to them. I usually add a new gallery almost every week. It might be something that caught my eye as I was driving, perhaps some shots I took while on a hike or some fast moving cars from the track. If you'd like to download an image to your own computer, click the small drive icon in the upper right hand corner of each large picture. It's just to the side of the image name. The 'ol Right Click, Save As won't work since the images are hyperlinks back to the main index. If you'd like use my images, please click here for Terms of Use and let's see what I can do for you. Anyway, I hope you enjoy them!

Exotic Cars
Exotic Cars: Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati (September 2005)
Crowders Mountain
Crowder's Mountain, North Carolina. (May 2006)
Snow Storm
Snow Storm in South Carolina, February 2007
Pictures from my backyard
Some shots from around my house. Cat-o-nine tails, twisty vines and other amusing things. (February 2007)
Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens
Macro shots from the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. (2006)
Old Things, Barns and Cars
I went out for a walk and found a field full of old things. Old trucks, wagon wheels and of course buildings ready to fall apart. (February 2007)
Old Things Part 2
I just had to go back and look around some more. Very interesting things reveal themselves. (February 2007)
Boys Lacrosse
Boys lacrosse. Some great photos with the Sigma 70-200mm lens. (March 2007)
Boys Lacrosse
Some pretty exciting action this weekend in boys lacrosse. (March 2007)
Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia SC
A quick trip to the zoo to see some relatives. I bet this guy loves Winamp! (March 2007)
A small little farm I came across
A small little farm I came across. Big hay bails in a green field with dark skies gathering. See, I take pictures of other stuff besides flowers. (June 2007)
Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens, October 2006
Pictures I took in October 2006 at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens.
Halloween Pumpkins
A whole gallery of my Halloween images. Holiday decorations and my diabolical flaming pumpkins.
Downtown Charlotte at night
A few pictures of downtown Charlotte at night from the roof of the Westin.
Downtown Charlotte
Downtown Charlotte on the day the light rail system opens. November 2007.
Wilmington Carolina Beach
Wilmington NC, Carolina Beach
November 2008
Snow Storm in Charlotte
Well look at that, snow in the Carolinas! It was really pretty, even if only lasted a couple hours.
(Feb 2010)

Arizona Travel | General Gallery 1Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens
Motorsports - Track Events - Driver's Ed | Halloween Tricks and Treats